Mountain’s Song

People say I came to be

When fragments of earth

Collided with themselves


That’s always seemed a bit

Of a stork-tale to me.


Instead I like to dream

That I grew upward like a tree

Toward the clouds and the sun

And the stars as I was fed

By pools of melting snow

And streams and fallen pines.


I’ve always loved the pines.


Sometimes when the air is right

The clouds come down

And keep me company—

Moistening my rocky cheeks

And whispering such cool secrets,

As they rush by.


I would say those clouds

Are my best friends,

Though I don’t see them much.


Yes, it’s strange for me

To be so much taller

Than the oceans and lakes

But that’s why we often

Come in groups or pairs:

For company’s sake.


And though no mountain

Ever has been cruel to me,

I must admit,

That I would rather

Spend some time

With the bears and the pines—

If only they could hear me.

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